Turks and Caicos Diving

If you’re looking for a diving vacation, Turks and Caicos features some of the best diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean with its crystal clear water and world famous white sandy beaches of Grace Bay Beach

Turks & Caicos is made up of 8 coralline islands and 40 small cays, divided by Columbus Passage.  This deep 22-mile passage is a migrating path for spotted eagle rays, manta rays, turtles and dolphins.  The reef areas are estimated to be almost 1,200 sq km.

The majority of Turks and Caicos reefs are healthy with diverse and abundant corals .

Providenciales, also known as “Provo”, covers 38 square miles and is on the west side of the Caicos archipelago and  home to world famous Grace Bay Beach.

Grace Bay has approximately 20 dive sites with reefs starting from 25 feet and going out 100 feet and are suitable for divers of all levels.  Many dive sites have mooring buoys and are a short 15-20 minute ride from shore.

With visibility of over 100 feet you’ll want to visit popular, yet uncrowded dive sites like Smith’s Reef, Aquarium, Grouper Hole, Turtle Cove, Coral Stairs, The Vertical Crack, Black Coral Forest, The Real Man Wall, The Dome and Whiteface.  You’ll often see nurse and reef sharks, sea turtles, nassau groupers and whale sharks. 

Please visit Turks Aqua Adventures for an amazing snorkeling experience, and check out their other non-motorized tours as well. 


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