About Grace Bay

With warm seas and an incredible turquoise colour, Grace Bay is a great place to get your feet wet. Since Provo´s beaches are public property, feel free to walk to your heart’s content.

Grace Bay at Provo, Turks & Caicos stretches as far as the eye can see with beautiful white sand beaches. The edge of the bay is surrounded by a world famous barrier reef, a prime snorkeling and diving location, that hosts countless majestic coral fans filtering the food out of the flowing water.

The white sandy beaches are a wonderful balm on the feet and with a little luck you might catch a glimpse or even swim with JoJo, the friendly wild dolphin. At the very least you will be treated to a wonderful walk with beautiful scenery, great dining and recreational opportunities.  Here you can make great memories and leave a few footprints behind. When you stay with us as South Fleetwood Villas, please feel free to inquire about the opportunities that await you.

There are many restaurants which you can just stroll up to have a refreshing drink or to sit down for a delicious meal.

With both a Beaches and a Club Med at opposite ends of the beach, you can walk to the busier areas on the island, or if you prefer something quieter our access to Grace Bay Beach is ideal.

South Fleetwood Villas offers you comfortable and affordable vacation rentals so you can enjoy Provo in peace, quiet and privacy.